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For the last decade, we have installed, serviced and repaired all types of garage doors in Germantown and beyond. It does not matter the material of your garage door, we have seen it all. Examples are steel doors, aluminium frame doors, fiberglass doors, wooden doors, wood composite doors and vinyl doors.

Steel is one of the most common materials of the garage doors that we install and repair. This is because steel is sturdy and requires little if any maintenance. We recommend this material for your door since its installation is cheap. Wood garage doors are great alternatives because of the styling that they possess. However, they are often prone to termites and extreme weather such as the hot sun.

We can install garage doors in four main types. There are those that slide side to side, those that roll from the bottom upwards, those that swing up and those that swing out. The sectional roll-up garage door is the most favourable in Germantown. This is because of its ease of operation, safety to users and little maintenance costs. Its installation is also pretty easy and therefore cheaper.

Apart from the security that these doors bring, it is also to consider the overall look and visual appeal that these introduce to your home. For example, we recommend the installation of a swing-out garage door in a Craftsman house, as it injects an air of sophistication. We understand the role of all the details of the garage door including garage door spring, garage door opener, feature panels, trims and others.

When you pick any of the above types, we will measure the space of the entrance on which the garage door should be fitted. We then pick a door from our store and fix it securely with the correct tools and equipment. We can help you pick a garage door that is not only functional, but also eco-friendly.

The results of our professionalism are rustproof and functional doors that secure your possessions while keeping your home or residential property visually appealing. Simply contact garage door repair Germantown MD. The technicians at our company are highly trained, qualified and experienced. They have worked within Germantown and neighboring areas for a long time.

Our customer is our priority. Germantown MD garage door repair, your one stop for all garage door repairs.

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